dean's corner fall 2016 newsletter

Dean's Corner - Fall Newsletter

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Congratulations to our 2016 graduates are in order as we kick off the newest iteration of the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies (CGCS) newsletter. I had the opportunity to meet many of our newly minted alumni during Residency and am proud of the important things they are doing in the business, government, military and non-profit worlds. The country and world needs more Norwich graduates who bring a sense of direction, knowledge and values to their work, communities, and families.

We have launched this latest edition of the CGCS newsletter with a different structure and approach. Rather than write only about you as students, alumni, faculty and friends, we want to hear from you in your own words. We want this newsletter to serve as a forum for sharing the great work you do and your ideas that help us see the importance of education as it contributes to our lives in a tangible way.

We invite you to share your career accomplishments, community initiatives, and your reflections on your Norwich experience or a Norwich event – the possibilities are endless and open, because the goal is to learn about and share all of the great things you are doing as part of the Norwich family. So tell us your story. How has your Norwich education been applied and helped you? What was memorable in your educational journey? What interesting or important thing have you done or are you working on? How have you connected with other Norwich graduates? What would you like to share with us?

I know each of you has something to contribute and look forward to reading about your accomplishments and journey. We plan to have three issues of the newsletter throughout the year and will feature your good work as often as possible. Send your story to us at

And be sure to keep an eye on alumni activities in your area, as I will be out on the road making visits this year!