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How Does the Online RN to BSN Program Work?

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How Does the Online RN to BSN Program Work at Norwich University?

Earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) can make a significant difference in your career by increasing earning potential and empowering you to pursue roles with greater impact. However, when considering heading back to school, many registered nurses worry that a traditional on-campus nursing program may take up too much time or force them to relocate.

An online RN to BSN program helps to meet this need by providing a flexible option for registered nurses that doesn’t require them to uproot their lives just to earn a degree. Yet many nurses are unsure of how online programs work and whether or not they are worth the time, energy, and money.

At Norwich University, we designed our online RN to BSN program specifically for experienced registered nurses seeking to take on leadership roles within their workplace and provide the highest level of care for their patients. We strive to ensure every applicant understands fully how the online program works, so we’ve outlined the answers to some common questions we hear from prospective students.

Do online students have access to faculty and academic resources?

A major concern for many nurses who are considering an online degree program is the access to resources and faculty. Whereas on-campus students can visit faculty during office hours and find easy access to additional readings and academic resources in libraries and campus centers, online students don’t have these same options. So, how do they speak with teachers and find additional resources?

At Norwich University, our online nursing students have the same amount of access to faculty and resources as our on-campus community. Faculty are available via email and through our online instructor’s office—a portal within the online classes where students can ask questions and receive answers that same day, just like traditional office hours.

For academic resources, our faculty and staff ensure all required readings and additional resources are made available for online students as e-books and in other digital formats. Our online students also have access to the Krietzburg Library, which includes access to many peer-reviewed databases. Norwich University has additional partnerships with external online resources and tutoring services that our students can utilize. Should students need access to further support, our team of student support advisors are available to students from admission through graduation.

How do clinicals work for online students?

Since the online RN to BSN program at Norwich University is designed for nurses with an active RN license and several years of experience, the program does not include any clinical requirements. The curriculum of the online RN to BSN does include a non-traditional clinical practicum requirement, but this can be completed entirely online.

Students with questions regarding their past nursing experiences or eligibility, both educational and professional, can reach out directly to our admission counselors to learn more about how we assess past clinical experiences in our application process.

How long does it take to finish the online RN to BSN?

Our online RN to BSN program is designed to be completed within 18 to 24 months. Because this is an online program, it is built to be flexible and accommodate the needs and schedules of our students. We recognize that most of our students are currently employed and have irregular schedules and busy lives. The online program is designed with you in mind—empowering you with the tools to build your workload each semester so that it fits in with your schedule. Our online learning platform is asynchronous— there is no designated time a student needs to be in the classroom. All assignments and reading requirements are posted at the beginning of the week; students will have mid-week deadlines but can dedicate time for academics around personal schedules. Ultimately, this flexibility allows our online students to earn their BSN at their own pace and on their own terms.

What career support services are available to online students?

Norwich University provides a rich array of professional development, networking, and career support opportunities for our online students. Perhaps most valuable, our dedicated nursing faculty consider it an integral part of their role to support students in their career ambitions. Norwich also offers a host of professional development and networking opportunities within our extensive and passionate alumni community. To learn more about how Norwich supports your career growth after graduation, visit our professional development resources or connect with alumni.

An online RN to BSN degree that works for you

At Norwich University, we strive to ensure our online students have access to the same resources, services, and opportunities as every student who studies on our campus. We firmly believe that a busy schedule should not prevent you from pursuing excellence either academically or professionally. To learn more about our online RN to BSN program and understand if it is the right fit for your career aspirations, visit our online RN to BSN program page or request more information.