Norwich University’s online programs launch student scholarship website to showcase high quality work

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Norwich University’s College of Graduate and Continuing Studies (CGCS) has launched 2013 Accolades, an online collection of high quality student scholarship from Norwich’s online degree programs from disciplines including diplomacy, military history, business and leadership.

This year’s topics include China’s role within the international peacekeeping regime; the Canadian military’s role in the West Indies during World War II; an innovative methodology for evaluating a start-up company’s viability; and the impact of mentoring on women’s professional success.

Each year, CGCS invites its graduating students to submit an abstract and title of a paper or project for Accolades that is representative of their academic work during their time at Norwich. This collection emphasizes solutions to real-world situations and new theories on important subjects.

Accolades is designed for easy browsing and social-media sharing with content organized by program.

“These works display the value and professional outcomes that are the result of a relevant, purposeful education with emphases on innovation and lifelong learning,” said Bill Clements, dean of the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies.