You Asked. We Listened.

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Our Legacy Lives On

We are excited to bring you the Norwich University Leadership & Change Institute (NU LCI). Picking up your request for professional development, career resources, and ever-present access to the Norwich leadership brand, the NU LCI is an online educational gathering place that can allow meaningful engagement and co-creation of leadership offerings unbound by the classroom. The NU LCI is a model of leadership learning, conceptualized as the meeting place of faculty, students, and alumni to further explore values-based leadership through research and application. The NU LCI also has offerings for organizations, providing actionable outcomes through educational modules and Leadership Summits to help them meet tough leadership challenges.

Through the Leadership & Change Institute, students, alumni, faculty, and organizations will work collaboratively in a think-tank environment to address the toughest organizational leadership challenges of our time with character, integrity, and distinction. The NU LCI hosts and contributes to the conversation on what leadership looks like today and in the future by offering Leadership Summits around the country; and Employee Development and Professional Development courses online and in person.

Continue to experience the Norwich leadership difference through the Leadership & Change Institute! Over the coming months we will launch new offerings and opportunities for you to get involved. We invite you to join our NU LCI community to stay connected and up-to-date with the latest offerings.

Visit our website for more information and to sign-up.

Norwich Forever!