Two Norwich master's degree students complete portions of their programs from the front lines of the global war on terror.

When human-rights violations involve numerous cultures, nations and interests, determining who is in charge and who is to blame are far from black-and-white matters.

Jim Rumple isn't a conventional business student. Nor is he a conventional businessman.

When Dorothy Lowry, a staff nurse, was called down from her office at the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait to attend to a man with health problems, she saw firsthand the value of emergency training.

In the virtual world of an online graduate program, distance and time were not a barrier to two Norwich classmates - one at the beginning of his career and the other a retired NFL defensive guard, now vice-president of a Silicon Valley company.

Family, tradition and values were themes encapsulated in the bestowal of Norwich class rings to upcoming graduates of the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies (CGCS).

Thirty-six graduate students embark on an new tradition to go for an early morning run - in the river.


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