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5 Reasons to Pursue an Online Master of Public Administration

A Master of Public Administration can help leaders enhance their knowledge and skills to make a greater difference in their lives and the communities they serve. While obtaining this degree, individuals can further the skills needed to help them lead teams and make critical decisions within a number of organizations, including law enforcement agencies, city departments, non-profits and government agencies. With today’s expanding industry, there are growing reasons to earn a Master of Public Administration degree to help prepare you to elicit, enforce and maintain positive changes within America’s public and private sectors.

1. Broaden Your Career Options

A Master of Public Administration provides graduates with a number of intriguing and influential opportunities within industries such as non-profit management, law enforcement, state/local government and the federal government. Within these industries, individuals can find opportunities as organizational leaders, public workers, criminal justice or public safety officers, fiscal managers or municipal governors. Individuals may be able to advance into other positions as well. A Master of Public Administration can also provide a solid background for careers in human resources, communications, and similar business fields.

2. Enhance Your Salary

While there are many motivations behind why individuals pursue their Master of Public Administration, including making a greater difference and developing new skills and knowledge, salary is another often important consideration. On average, holders of this master’s degree can earn a salary of approximately $68,000. For specific positions within the field, the average salaries can be:

  • Government Affairs Executive – $100,000
  • Human Resources Director – $80,000
  • Program Administrator – $60,000
  • Purchasing Manager – $53,000
  • Program Administrator – $40,000

3. Capitalize On Strong Market Growth

One important element when considering a career is the growth of the job market. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the public administration industry is steadily growing and producing a number of opportunities for Master of Public Administration graduates, such as increased career opportunities, higher potential for advancement within an organization, and opportunities for leadership or entrepreneurial roles. Within particular areas of public administration, the market has grown for social and community service managers (10% job growth rate), human resources directors (9% job growth rate) and administrative services managers (8% job growth rate).

4. Benefit from an Accredited Online School

With an online program, students are able to balance work, life, and school, while interacting with and learning from individuals across the country. Online education also provides the convenience of self-paced learning as students are able to study when and where they want. In looking for an online program, it’s important to find one that is accredited to assure the quality of the degree. In fact, many accredited online programs feature the same curriculum and faculty as their on-campus counterparts. Those seeking further confirmation can examine the Commission on Peer Review and Accreditation, which provides an annual list of all certified Master of Public Administration programs, helping to ensure potential students that an online degree provides the same unparalleled quality of education.

5. Establish & Expand Your Network

The structure of an online program enables students to interact and network with peers from diverse backgrounds and skill sets. Students obtaining an online Master of Public Administration degree also have the benefit of networking and working with prestigious faculty, many of which are well-respected leaders within their industry. Through these relationships, students have the opportunity to establish personal and professional connections which may prove beneficial for potential career opportunities. Students will also be able to join alumni networks where they can connect and network with established professionals in a number of industries.

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