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Over the past few decades, the companies that are the most innovative in their product development, leadership practices, and marketing approaches have proven to be some of the most successful organizations, especially within the quickly expanding cybersecurity industry. For those entering or working in the field, analyzing some of the most influential and successful companies in the industry can help one to develop a better understanding of how successful information assurance firms are able to garner substantial influence within the industry.


Founded in 1995 by a group of former national security professionals, Root9b provides cybersecurity and regulatory risk mitigation solutions to clients of every size, ranging from the Fortune 100 level to small businesses across multiple industries. The current CEO of Root9B, Joseph J. Grano, was former Chairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council, an experience that gave him deep insight into the cyber threats that many governmental and non-governmental agencies experience daily. Uniquely positioning itself in the industry, the company’s strategy focuses on being a pure play cybersecurity company. This means Root9B’s operators, which includes former military intelligence professionals with in-depth knowledge of cryptology, focus solely on cybersecurity products and services. Root9B’s techniques hinge upon using immediate tactical problem-solving that concentrates on identifying and disrupting hackers in real time, rather than focusing their efforts solely on containment efforts. Their solutions are customized to fit the unique needs of each client Root9B engages with, allowing them to continue expanding into new industries while testing new methods for combating formidable cyber criminals.

Herjavec Group

Robert Herjavec converted the knowledge he developed from his success as an entrepreneur of building and selling several IT and software companies into launching the Herjavec Group—one of the fastest growing tech companies in North America. In fact, many consider that the Herjavec Group has effectively mastered the process of developing new and innovative network security and acceleration services, helping to defend thousands of organizations worldwide. For their innovation, Herjavec has been gaining notoriety for the quality of their identity and access management solutions that emphasize data correlation and enrichment. Aside from being featured in Cyber Defense Magazine for those very products, the Herjavec Group has also accelerated to the second spot of the 2017 Cybersecurity Ventures top 500 ranking list, up from a rank of 23 in 2015.

The Herjavec Group has made a large impact in the health care industry. Based on an analytical report performed in 2016, the Herjavec Group reported that the health care industry would be a constant target for costly ransomware attacks in 2017, as health care systems are becoming increasingly dependent on information systems that may not be entirely secure. With more hospitals now under attack by cyber criminals, the Herjavec Group has positioned itself as an early information assurance responder for health care companies and organizations, helping these organizations to protect their data by constantly analyzing the threats that exist in the digital world and preparing to stand against those threats.

IBM Security

IBM Security is a leading information assurance software provider that originally existed under the name Internet Security Systems before being acquired by their current parent company, IBM. IBM Security offers a variety of cybersecurity solutions, including data security, application security, advanced fraud protection, security intelligence, and analytics, and has also developed several new premier internet security products. Most recently, they have bolstered their reputation by integrating their supercomputer, Watson, which features the remarkable ability to both analyze and learn about new information assurance trends, into their Cognitive Security platform. This Cognitive Security platform, which is the first of its kind, has the potential to massively accelerate the process of investigating a non-stop stream of network security threats that would normally need to be individually sorted and reviewed by a human employee. With this highly advanced new take on restructuring old information assurance strategies, IBM Security is setting the example on the level of innovation necessary to remain competitive within the information assurance industry.

BAE Systems

Established in London, England, the multinational defense, security, and aerospace company, BAE Systems, is the successor to a long list of various defense contractors. BAE Systems has acquired dozens of smaller defense contractors in an effort to solidify their position as the 3rd largest defense company in the world. Though they had been active in the information assurance industry for almost 40 years, BAE Systems has recently been pushing to modernize their information assurance products and strategies, allowing them to offer AML compliance, fraud prevention, and complete managed security and analytics services to financial institutions, enterprise organizations, and even national government organizations.

In 2008, BAE Systems purchased Detica, a specialist security consulting firm, and in 2010, they acquired Stratsec, the largest cybersecurity consultancy firm in Australia. Through these acquisitions, BAE Systems has elevated its presence as a security firm and assisted the United Kingdom’s government with its information assurance strategies and efforts. This year, for instance, BAE worked with the United Kingdom’s National Cybersecurity Centre in uncovering and disrupting a sustained attack orchestrated by a cyber espionage group known as APT10—an attack that is currently considered one of the largest sustained complex cyber espionage campaigns ever discovered.


Founded in Milpitas, California in 2004, FireEye, Inc. is an enterprise cybersecurity company that offers solutions to organizations facing more advanced cyber threats, like destructive malware that specifically targets important enterprise data. Ashar Aziz is the founder of the company and inventor of the original technology behind FireEye’s main product line, the FireEye Malware Protection System, which leverages virtual machines to analyze attacks based on their signatures—or, in other words, analyzing malware for specific coding patterns that might give some hint regarding the malware’s origins. While many companies utilize a signature-based cybersecurity approach like FireEye, FireEye has earned recognition in the industry due to all of their products implementing an innovative approach to signature-based information assurance that uses virtual machines to monitor digital threats, like system exploitation, malware infiltration, and data exfiltration, all in real-time. Credited as being the first cybersecurity company to be officially certified by the Department of Homeland Security, FireEye has been called in to defuse and investigate large-scale attacks against massive organizations, such as JP Morgan Chase and Sony Pictures, among many others.


Sera-Brynn is a cybersecurity firm founded in 2011 that helps fulfill the increased demand for cybersecurity consulting within organizations that are feeling the impact of the growing threat of cyber criminals. The solutions offered by Sera-Brynn are mainly centered around providing firms with in-depth audits of their networks, ensuring compliance with important federal regulations, and preemptively addressing potential network hazards by performing thorough risk assessments, penetration tests, and threat management on the organization’s security systems. They have recently partnered with FireEye to perform technical audits which highlight improving compliance to Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement Requirements, setting them at the forefront of helping Department of Defense contractors to satisfy the new legal requirements that must be implemented by December 2017. Serving organizations of all sizes has helped with the company’s ongoing success, and CEO, Rob Hegedus, is currently leading the initiative for Sera-Brynn’s growth in several key business markets, including Fortune 1000, healthcare, financial services, retail, and government.

Clearwater Compliance

Founded in 2010, Clearwater Compliance capitalized on the recent growth occurring in the health care and cybersecurity industries by leveraging the experience of founder and current CEO Bob Chaput. The company has been able to capitalize on Chaput’s extensive knowledge of health care compliance and cyber risk management to position Clearwater Compliance as a leading consultant to companies that need to ensure proper compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, as well as a trusted provider of proprietary health care information assurance products and software. Clearwater Compliance has had their products supported publicly by the American Hospital Association and is currently engaged in a health care security readiness program that has been designed to help hospitals weaken the effectiveness of ransomware attacks by providing a meticulous evaluation of their key physical and technical safeguards.


Gigamon is a California-based network visibility and traffic monitoring technology company that was co-founded in 2004 by current CEO Ted Ho, along with three others. Gigamon focuses their efforts towards developing products and services that are able to monitor data at the rapid speeds that modern hardware is capable of transferring. Rather than letting network traffic slip through without sifting for threats, Gigamon’s products allow organizations to reroute their network traffic through tools that perform a variety of tasks, including management, analysis, and security.

The information assurance industry is booming, with some companies facing an excess of 200,000 threats of varying size per day. The aforementioned companies have been able to flourish within the marketplace based on their abilities to embrace innovation in order to defend the targets of malicious cyber criminals. Understanding the advancements such organizations have made within the field can help those looking to enter into, or already working within, the industry to uncover new perspectives of what educated information assurance specialists can contribute to organizations that regularly conduct business online.

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