Applying an Online MS in Cybersecurity Degree to Your Job


I chose a concentration in emergency response team management and computer forensics because of my public safety background. It aligned seamlessly with our emergency response operations.

The lessons that I learned in information assurance applied almost immediately to what I do every day in my job as Information Security Officer. The tools and techniques that I was given in the classroom went immediately towards what we were doing, in terms of project management, security compliance with federal regulations, all of those things.

It started, really, when I first emailed my admissions adviser and said that I was interested in the information assurance program. I felt like I was coming home almost. People were on a first name basis with me from the first time that I contacted them, and that carried on through the entire admissions process, my acceptance to the University, and up to my first day of class, and graduation and residency. I could call anybody from the helpdesk at the library to my program director, if I was having a problem, and they worked diligently to help me to succeed.

The most valuable aspect of residency has been some of the round table discussions that we’ve done, the first few days that we were here, that took multiple disciplines, not just the information assurance students that I’d worked with for 18 months, but other graduates, from different programs, and we tackled a few large scale incidents, or ongoing global trends, as a group.

There were several factors that led to my decision to come to Norwich. The online asynchronous learning model was a primary concern, being a working professional, but also the faculty being experienced in my field. Not just information assurance, but some of my teachers were actually actively working in public safety, as well as information assurance. That was a big draw for me and Norwich being recognized by the NSA as a center of academic excellence.

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