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Your Role as an Assistant Professor of History

Military History

The exploration of past cultures and civilizations is crucial to shaping the modern world. Individuals interested in studying and pursuing a history career will find that the position of assistant professor is among the most sought after in the field and a stepping-stone to full professorship. Serving as both mentor and teacher, an assistant professor of history keeps students interested in the discipline while inspiring them to go deeper into their studies.

Assistant professors of history work in colleges and universities and often choose an area of specialization. Military history, a branch in the field, explores both the details of conflicts in ancient and contemporary societies as well as the reasons for these conflicts. Assistant professors of history specializing in military history focus on past conflicts and their effects on the world. They teach students how to apply historical knowledge and insight to considerations of modern political and military events.

Core Competencies of Assistant Professors

What is an assistant professor’s role? In all fields of study, the assistant professor is responsible for providing students with critical information and guidance in a specific subject. These teaching professionals professor should possess several core competencies including:

  • Teaching Experience. Assistant professors must possess education serving as teaching assistants during their initial period of study or tutors under the guidance of a full professor.
  • Expertise Within the Subject Area. Assistant professors must have an in-depth knowledge of their field of study, supported by advanced education in their area of specialization and published works in recognized academic journals.
  • Doctoral Degree. Though most universities require a doctoral degree to become a full professor, a master's degree can fulfill the basic requirement to pursue an assistant professor position. Most graduates earn a Ph.D. for tenure eligibility.

Becoming an Assistant Professor of History

For individuals interested in becoming an assistant professor of military history, the Norwich University online Master of Arts in Military History provides a solid background in the field. The coursework includes a core course of history and historiography that establishes the basis of military history. A student also can choose from several program electives.

Assistant professors with a background in military history help students explore how war shaped the world. While a linear timeline of events is taught in history classes, an assistant professor in military history helps students look at the big picture by visualizing a specific conflict and considering why and how it occurred, and its effects on the involved nations and the rest of the world.

What Is an Assistant Professor's Expected Salary?

According to PayScale, the average salary of postsecondary teachers is $66,930. Salaries for the position vary based on the level of responsibility of the assistant professor. Furthermore, universities offer salary compensation in proportion to an assistant professor's ability to deliver course content and their educational level. Candidates with excellent teaching skills who can contribute to the university's funded research are the most desirable hires.

Additionally, according to PayScale, graduates with skills relevant to the field tend to command a higher salary. Professional partnerships with other individuals or organizations in the field such as universities or historical preservation societies can differentiate the value of an assistant professor in military history for certain institutions.

Job Outlook for Assistant Professors of History

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that there are approximately 1,314,400 postsecondary teachers, including assistant professors, in the country. They project that over the period 2016 to 2026, the number of jobs for postsecondary instructors is likely to grow 16%, which is much faster than the projected average growth rate for all occupations. The BLS also notes that many assistant professors fill part-time positions.

Gain Proficiency as a Historian

Norwich University’s online Master of Arts in Military History takes an impartial and global approach in exploring military thought, theory and engagement throughout recorded history. The unique online curriculum is guided by the goals outlined by the American Historical Association. This highly regarded program places the world’s military achievements and conflicts in a chronological, geographical, political and economic context.

Established in 1819, Norwich is a nationally recognized institution of higher education, the birthplace of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) and the first private military college in the United States. Through its vast array of online programs, Norwich delivers relevant and applicable curricula that allow its students to make a positive impact on their places of work and their communities.

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