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Defining Cyber Crime


Cyber crime is defined as any crime that involves a computer and network. Individuals, businesses and government agencies around the world constantly face threats to their medical information, consumer data, as well as company trade information and military decisions. Cyber security specialists are professionals that are specifically trained to protect individuals and organizations from cyber crime, hackers, and scammers.

Cyber Criminals

Cyber criminals take pride in creating chaos, and the chaos that cyber criminals inflict on their victims can be crippling to individuals and corporations. We have all heard about hackers getting information from major retail chains as well as information being leaked that included Social Security numbers for millions of people. We use the Internet with somewhat of a naive expectation that all of our information is safe. That is, until something untoward occurs, and then it can be all out panic.

The Faces of Cyber Crime – Frequent Types of Incidents

  • Interruption of service
  • Viruses, worms or other malicious code
  • Phishing
  • Spyware implanted
  • Ransomware

One of the ways in which cyber criminals like to operate is by causing an interruption of service which can cause significant damage to all those affected. When a network comes to a screeching halt, so do all of the services that corporation or organization provides.

Network viruses are another favorite method of cyber criminals. As we all know, viruses can bring a network to a screeching halt in a matter of minutes. Cyber criminals also are extremely crafty when it comes to financial theft and obtaining sensitive customer data.

According to the 2015 United States – State of Cybercrime Survey, cyber security crimes are not only increasing in number, but the severity of their attacks is becoming more destructive, and they are becoming more sophisticated in both their methods and the amount of information they are obtaining.

Leading the nation’s efforts to investigate and stop not only cyber-based terrorism, the FBI also shares information with public and private sectors to keep consumer information safe. They have partnered with many private sector task forces and security companies to work together to decrease cyber crime.

Sophisticated Criminals

Cyber criminals are becoming more technical and sophisticated in their technology and intelligence. Companies who once thought that securing their data was an easy IT issue are now creating new departments for the sole purpose of increasing their technology to match that of the cyber criminals.

Fighting Cyber Crime as a Profession

As the numbers of professions in technology continually rise, the needs for those specifically involved in providing cyber security have increased exponentially. Information security analysts are needed to take security measures to protect computer networks and systems.

A career as an Internet security specialist can be obtained by earning a degree in Internet or network security. The classes are specifically designed to focus on basic computer protection and understanding the weaknesses of computer systems that allow intrusion by hackers.

Different types of hardware and software are used for courses involving the securing of networks and systems. Telecommunication courses focus on how the integrity of network systems is compromised. Lab courses are usually included in these courses to prepare the student for real-world situations.

Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of information security analysts is projected to grow 37 percent from 2012 to 2022. The median pay for information security analysts in 2012 was $86,170 per year. The demand for information security analysts will increase at the same rate as the incidents of cyber crime increase.

There are many different opportunities for work as an Internet security specialist. There are many government agencies that continually look for new talent to protect sensitive information as well as working with the public sectors that they have partnered with. Troubleshooting security issues in a large number of government agencies is an important aspect of fighting cyber crime.

Every corporation, organization or company that has Internet access is a potential victim of cyber crime and security breaches. With the increase the world has seen in cyber crime, these corporations and companies will need to hire more professionals to secure their network systems and protect their clients and consumers.

Become an Internet Security Specialist

Internet security is a relatively new profession. Those who enter are individuals who like to continually learn. This profession can be rewarding by helping keep information safe by ferreting out those who put the world’s information at risk. We all like to think that the information that we put into our computer system is safe. The Internet security specialists help make sure that this is true.

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