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Essential Business Apps to Help Managers Become More Organized

The revolution of handheld technology has created an enormous application development industry, and developers across the world work tirelessly to create applications that can provide value in the global marketplace. While many applications are focused on leisure-based activities, like gaming and social media, professionals are constantly looking for new ways to optimize their performance through applications that improve the organization, communication, and productivity. The following are several essential business applications that management professionals can consider to help maximize their output at work.


Pocket is a web application designed to save interesting content for future access with a simple and easy process. When users download the Pocket application, they can store engaging videos, interesting blogs, current news articles, or other online content, all in one easy-to-access location. This application is great for busy management professionals who often lack the time to browse web content that is related to their work, as it allows them to quickly retrieve recently saved articles or webpages without the hassle of cycling through their web browser’s history. With the premium upgrade of this application, business professionals have the option to save their content permanently as a copy, even if it is changed or removed from the web, perform searches throughout all of the text listed in their Pocket library, remove ads, and gain access to enhanced tagging and recommendations.


Trello is a popular project management application designed for managing web-based projects. This application has more than 14 million users who leverage its optimization functions to streamline work processes, improve collaboration and increase productivity. From real estate management firms to software developers, a wide array of industries rely on Trello to keep track of tasks and projects from beginning to end. Trello allows users to input their projects as boards that can then be organized into a set of lists, which can be further sorted into cards or individual tasks. Collaborating users can comment on, label, assign, and modify cards as needed, while also attaching files and adding checklists related to the project. Trello is accessible on all mobile platforms and can be readily integrated with enterprise and cloud-based integration services, making it useful for managing large-scale projects.


Basecamp is an alternative project management suite that’s similar to Trello and is best for management professionals searching for a task-management platform that’s easy-to-use and features a simple learning curve. This subscription-based platform makes it easy for professionals to track tasks, keep an eye on important deadlines and share insights on specific projects, especially if team members are working remotely. Basecamp’s simplistic approach to project management is made apparent in its easily navigated user interface, which functions similarly to many social networking platforms, allowing team members to chat in real time and leave status updates for their colleagues to review. For instance, a manager can post a task to Basecamp, upload documents or PDFs to that task, and then others within the company can provide direct comments to that task. This option helps to ensure that everyone involved in the project can stay properly informed about developments or questions. Though there are not many base features available with Basecamp, users can expand the application’s functionality through third-party add-ons, which offer improved productivity and communication features.


Acumatica is intricate accounting software designed with one purpose in mind: making ledger management significantly easier for finance professionals and the managers that they answer to. The platform is designed to be secure and can be accessed via the cloud or in a designated in-house format. Acumatica is navigated using dashboards that allow users to interact with project budgets based on the roles and permissions assigned by the project administrator. From there, Acumatica users can customize their experience by filtering their data using the hundreds of available data screens and reports. They can also easily import and export data to the software and render all data into easily understood visual representations. The combined benefit of these features is a straightforward system that allows finance professionals, managers, and business leaders to stay on top of financial tasks, critical data, and important messages. Companies that must regularly track accounting information for multiple ongoing projects can benefit from the high level of data analysis and reporting functionality that Acumatica offers.


Evernote is a free, innovative note-taking application that helps managers expedite communication between team members by syncing their notes on a cloud server and helping them stay organized and keep track of their resources—even when they’re traveling. The advanced search functions within the application also allow users to quickly find notes, including any notes or documents that include images with text, as Evernote also scans images to detect specific search terms. Using Evernote allows users to share notes as text messages, email, or a direct link, amplifying a professional’s ability to save and share information without spending extra time drafting emails, uploading files, and extensively sifting through various notes and files.

Although Evernote is free in its basic form, there is also a premium upgrade available that allows for syncing options across multiple devices. Users that upgrade to premium have the advanced options of turning their notes into presentations, scanning and digitizing business cards, and browsing the entire history of any note that they have created.


High-quality customer service is one of the most critical aspects of running a successful business. HappyFox is helpdesk software that simplifies offering good customer service by providing a help request ticket system that allows service representatives to immediately respond to customer questions and concerns without needing to be tied to a desktop computer. Rather than having their operations confined to a call center or customer support office, HappyFox users can answer calls, search databases for product information, and resolve customer concern tickets all from a mobile application. HappyFox also features an option to create a customer-friendly self-service channel that can be used by customers to access answers to common questions and submit new support tickets. On the employee management end, HappyFox also allows administrative users to run reports on metrics like staff performance, support ticket topics being submitted, and other factors that need to be closely monitored to maximize efficiency.

Companies need their management staff to embrace the potential for enhanced workflow and productivity through the use of multi-platform applications. By streamlining the task management process, organization of information and communication options through increased accessibility options, the aforementioned applications can make it easier for managers to lead and complete critical projects with teams of any size.

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