Experience Online Flexibility with a Norwich History Degree

I was looking for a program that had the academic rigor of a traditional brick and mortar but that was more flexible to my schedule; working full time plus freelancing on the side, it was very difficult for me to find a program that fits in, especially living in a State that I wasn’t familiar with. Norwich had that small school feel that my undergrad had, but I was able to access that virtually, so it was a small environment.

My cohort was eight or nine people, I was interacting with them daily, the professors would call you on the phone once a week, and it was very – it felt as if you were on campus, even if you were hundreds of miles away from everyone you were working with. And after that first seminar, I knew that Norwich was the place where I wanted to complete my degree.

To me the most surprising part was when we went into Seminar 5 for our [directed] readings; we were paired one-on-one with a faculty member and we were essentially told to tell them what we wanted to study, what we wanted to pursue, to prep for our Capstone Paper. And to me, just the ability to look at the vast scope of everything I’d studied over the past four seminars and select any topic I wanted, and receive the Norwich resources and resources my professors had, to be able to research that further was amazing. It was the opportunity to essentially create your own course for 11 weeks, and I think that that opportunity helped me, not only realize what I loved researching and what I loved learning about history, but it also gave me the self-actualization that you can do this like on your own but with a support system behind you.

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