How an MBA Helps You Solve Real World Problems

While I was at Norwich the professors used a lot of great real-life questions, and so I was able to go to my company and ask for financial statements or ask them what are the big struggles that we have and take those struggles and do real analysis on them, so even during my studies I felt like I was still learning more about my company and still learning more about the real-life business world, which meant a lot.

Going through the MBA program at Norwich gave me a much broader sense of what's going on behind the scenes. When we're doing on our job we tend to kind of get this narrow view of this is my task for the day and I should do it this way, but after going through the program I started to look at things from a fiscal standpoint and from more of an overarching standpoint and what does this mean for our sales reps out in the field, how is this going to affect them. And I think just giving that overall more macro picture was really helpful.


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