How an Online Master of Science in Nursing Can Help Advance Your Career

The concentration I chose was the Nursing Education track. I was already in a professional role in academia, but I didn’t have a faculty ranking. And for today’s nurses, they need advanced practice and advanced degree nurse – nurse faculty to teach them and to lead the way for contemporary healthcare delivery. And when I looked at the program and the kinds of courses that I’d be taking, I knew that the instructional design, curriculum design, those kinds of things, nursing theory, were all the coursework that I would need.

The NFLP, Nurse Faculty Loan Program allowed me to continue with my savings for my children’s education, but also allow me to continue with my own professional and career goals.

It’s been a huge financial relief for me and my family as we’re trying to save for two other children that have high expectations to go to college and for myself to advance my education. And teaching at Rhode Island College now with the MSN degree, Faculty Loan Program, I have been invited – I’m an invited faculty to the VA Providence and I’ve also have been accepted into a Ph.D. program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I have been awarded a teaching assignment and I will be teaching nursing ethics in the fall.

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