How You Can Apply Our MCE Degree to Your Job

Civil Engineering

A couple of ways I've been able to apply to the online program and the coursework from this degree, the project management has been very helpful in being able to increase my ability to manage my staff, but also manage construction projects, manage the contractor, manage budgets.

How it specifically helped me is through the management of schedule, management of budgets, being able to develop both of those for clients on the design side, but also projecting future budgets. Where's the project going to end up at the end? Where's the schedule going to end? Are we going to be over? How much is that going to cost, and how does that affect the stakeholders in the project?

The other important thing that's not necessarily advertised as part of the program, on the online program, is your ability to communicate. Through the online program, you have to write. You have to really develop your written communication skills, and that has helped tremendously, and maybe been the most beneficial part of the program that I've experienced.

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