Leadership and Hierarchy in Hospitals

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Strong management is an absolute must in order to have a hospital running efficiently. Hospitals that are managed well will be able to treat their patients better, and improve just about all facets of their operation. Learn more below.

leadership and hierarchy in hospitals

Text: Leadership and Hierarchy in Hospitals

When looking at the background of professionals on hospital boards, 31% will have held their position for over ten years, while 45% will have held their position for four years or less, with 10% holding onto their position for less than a year. Of these professionals, the top educational disciplines will revolve around nursing, business, health care administration, communications, and marketing. All of these positions can provide something unique and different to the table, allowing them to create a more diverse and powerful hospital environment for people to work with.

When reviewing the demographics of hospital CEOs, the breakdown shows only 18% are females, even though 73% of all medical and service managers are female. In addition, over 66% of the CEOs who were hired in 2014 to govern the medical sector have reported that they have had relatively little experience in the field itself. However, among the top concerns for CEOs are financial challenges, health care reforms and their implementation, government mandated practices, care for uninsured patients, and proper care of all other individuals who need treatment.

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