Online Diplomacy Program: An International Perspective

I chose to enroll with Norwich University MDY program because it suits my career goals. I worked with our embassy in Washington, D.C. as a foreign diplomat and by doing that then I learned that I could still advance my career as a diplomat as well as go to school full time. My career goal coming into the program was just to do diplomacy and being a diplomat in Washington, D.C., but before I started the program I was called back to Tanzania and I was given a new position which sort of helped me to focus on specializing in conflict management. Tying into that, now that I’m finishing the program, this conflict management has helped me a lot to reinforce my daily activities as spokesperson of the foreign office. This is because much of the diplomacy program was broad and wide, but as a Tanzanian, we’ve always – we’re surrounded with conflicted countries in the region but we do have a responsibility of making sure that our neighbors are also safe and they’re happy with where they live. Choosing the MDY program and concentrating in conflict management really matched what I wanted to do when I was given a new position.

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