Online MBA: An International Perspective

I chose the concentration of supply chain management because my career has been developing within supply chain and logistics. I have a minor in logistics and transportation and all my experience is in logistics, so I wanted to gain more knowledge of what is going on right now in the supply chain.

My career goal was to get a better position in my current job when I started the program and/or get another job with a better position, better responsibilities and more responsibilities in a better-paid job. Actually, I got the other job with more responsibilities and a better pay grade, so I think I reached my goal going through the program.

I think part was the experience and a big part also was the program because I got the knowledge and I applied in my other job, I applied what I was learning so the result of what I was applying opened the door to another company to see that and hire me.

Norwich helped me to be successful through the courses I got to interact with other people from other countries, learn from their experiences, so it was not just about doing papers and readings but it was also interacting with other people from other countries, and getting their culture and the knowledge and learn how they do business in different parts of the world.

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