How Norwich Online MBA Can Apply to the Healthcare Industry

I chose Norwich University because I was inspired by my brother who also has a Master’s degree from here in military history and I figured being a mom of a seven-year-old and a director of nursing, if he could do it there, I could do it with my lifestyle. And after talking to him and talking to the people at Norwich I figured that this was definitely the right program for me.

I chose a concentration, it’s MBA in project management and I knew that I wanted my MBA because I’ve always enjoyed the business side of nursing. But after I got halfway through and got to choose my concentration there were things about project management that really spoke to me and I have a history in doing a lot of quality management and projected work and found it really applicable to the healthcare world and felt that I could make an impact in my nursing field with it.

My career goal coming into my MBA program was to advance my knowledge in really the finances and organizational behaviors so that I could better manage a group of people. I got much more out of it than that just even communication with other professionals.

I would definitely recommend the Norwich University MBA program to anyone that wants to gain skills in business. And I learned that, that can apply to me as a nurse or somebody in IT or somebody in construction and that we all share experiences and knowledge that’s, that strengthen each other.

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