Pursue a Norwich Online MBA with Your Partner

Mark & Lindsey Barten, Master of Business Administration, Class of 2015

Lindsey: "Going through the program together was a great experience, the support that we had for one another and the ability to bounce ideas off of each other and read each other’s papers and just kind of keep each other sane during a very stressful time. But it ended up being a great experience."

Mark: "Yeah, being in it together was really, really helpful just in terms of I knew if I had homework on a Friday night she had homework on a Friday night as well and we’d both be locked in together. So it just made the whole process a lot easier. Mark: If other students are considering taking the program together, I would say, 'Do it.'"

Lindsey: "100% do it. It was the best experience. I would not change it for the world."

Mark: "I wouldn’t want to do it on my own."


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