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I'm Jessica Argotsinger. I currently work for Bank of America as a strategic and operations analyst, and my current program is the MBA.

So residency has been exciting so far. Obviously, I was excited to get here and actually meet people in person that I've been working with for 18 months, so that was kind of the best part, is to finally put faces to names and get to talk to people in person.

I've enjoyed it so much because this is a place that has so many great memories for me, and then, this entire week is just even more like building on it, so, it's different, because I'm a different person now, I have a lot of professional experience, so coming back for residency week for MBA is completely different than being here for undergrad, but I think it has made me appreciate even more the things that Norwich does, the way that I learned in undergrad and now the way that I'm learning in residency.

So, we were listening to the panel discussion on Monday night and President Schneider just made like some amazing points and was talking about Alden Partridge's mission for the institution and the whole reason that Norwich was founded, and it just really rang true for me, both for my undergraduate degree and then also my MBA. I think about the practical application that I got back then, almost 20 years ago, and then what I learned through this program and today. So it's been really interesting, so I'm excited to finish out the week.

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