Specialization in Construction Management: A Female Perspective

Civil Engineering

My name is Karla McCay and I’m graduating from the Master of Civil Engineering with a concentration in Construction Management.

Women working in construction management is growing. There are more women trying to go into the engineering field and I agree with that. I fully understand the challenges that are on that situation for women, but I feel that we can do it. We just need to be applied to organizing our lives and going into the field and acquiring more knowledge for us to be successful. But there is room for women to grow in the engineering field.

My goal in taking the program is to improve my career path because my dream is to work with the Federal Government. I am a civil engineer, but civil engineering programs’ employers need a lot of management for them to be successful. So my engineering background gave me the structure, the design, the skills, the physics, the math, but I needed more on managerial aspects. So the program, Civil Engineering, with a concentration of Construction Management gave me the skills through the program, and the curriculum that they offer, it was an amazing experience.

The Master of Civil Engineering faculty has been a tremendous help for me. Being a mom in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where there is an unpredictable environment; we evacuated last year with the hurricane. And faculty from the university gave me the support that I needed for that time to be able to go with the Masters, continue on, but also to take care of my family in the event that it was really stressful for us.

I also like to recommend Norwich University in the Master of Civil Engineering to everybody that wants to acquire more knowledge and follow their career path. The degree is really helpful in providing you with the skills that you’re going to need in your profession.

Norwich University is a military-friendly university, and I look at that from the beginning when I went into their website and see that they offer military accommodations. And they helped me; they helped me to go through their VA process to use the [GI] Bill and to get them to pay for my school.

The residency week has been an opportunity to meet my colleagues, my peers, from two years of being on session discussions and working together. It has been a tremendous experience for me, really, really beautiful.

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