Specialization in Environmental Water Resources Engineering

Civil Engineering

My name is Murray Mullen and I’m graduating from the Engineering program with a Master of Civil Engineering.

The concentration for my degree is Water Quality and Environmental Resources. The reason I picked this was to do potable water work in Third-World and developing countries, which will give me the expertise that I need to do that. The skills and knowledge I gained from the concentration were the ability to engineer a potable water system in a developing country.

From my experience, most of the wells that are bored in Third-World countries are not engineered. This gave me the expertise to be able to engineer a borewell in a Third-World country. Even though the program was very intense I really liked it because there was a limited number of students in the class. There was probably five or six of us in my concentration class, and that’s something I really liked. And what I really especially liked is this capstone week is meeting them, that I’ve had this online discussion with for the past year. It was really fun.

My final thoughts on Norwich are that it really met my needs. And for someone that’s looking as a prospective student what’s going to meet your needs, how is this school as compared to another one going to meet your needs? It met mine very well. It’s very intense, very fast, which is something I wanted to do. I wanted to get done with it and get it over with. I didn’t want to have to fight for my classes, I didn’t want to have to have classes like at a public university where they’re only offered in the fall, where they’re only offered in the spring.

This program is very flexible when you start, and that’s something I liked very much.

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