Specializing in Diplomacy to Enhance a Military Career

My name is Joe Teachey and I’m a graduate of Norwich’s Diplomacy program. I was in the Marine Corps for 30 years and I was a senior enlisted advisor and also the logistics chief, so I supervised a section of officer and enlisted of about 45 to 50 people at any given time.

I found out about Norwich from one of my Master Sergeants that worked for me at the time when I was in Cherry Point, North Carolina. So he comes to me one day with a leave request saying he had to leave and go to a one-week residency program at Norwich in Vermont, and I was like, “What’s in Vermont?” And he said it was Norwich [University], and I said, “Okay, so why should I sign this request?” And he’s like, “Well, it’s part of my degree requirement and I have to go to the campus for one week to do lectures and all this other kind of stuff.” And I said, “Oh, okay, that’s interesting. What field are you getting your Masters degree in? It’s commendable that you’re getting a Masters degree and you’re not even anywhere close to retiring,” and that type of thing. He said he was getting it in diplomacy. I let it rest for a few years, and then whenever I was in a position and I felt like I was ready to pursue my Masters degree, I knew I wanted to use Norwich because I went and researched it myself and saw that it was pretty positive, had a great list of alumni that attended the school. The fact that it was the home of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps was a plus, and all my general officers knew what Norwich University was.

I would recommend Norwich to others and here’s the reason why: you have a faculty that is qualified and second to none, and you have not only the faculty but the support staff that’s here in place and they go to the nth degree to help you in whatever problem you may have, no matter what the question, okay? They’re always available, and whenever you send in an email inquiry or you make a phone call, I don’t think there was ever a time that I wasn’t responded to within a 24-hour time frame.


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