Top 7 Encryption Software for Information Assurance Professionals


Cyber crimes perpetrated by skilled hackers are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated. In order to safeguard against cybersecurity risks that can cause irreversible damage to and the loss of valuable data, the encryption of an organization’s files and information (including financial records, customer information, and other sensitive data) is a necessity. In order to help protect their organizations’ data, information assurance professionals need to assess vulnerabilities in technology infrastructures and implement technical controls and encryption methods for maintaining cybersecurity. The following industry-recommended encryption software platforms are available to assist information assurance professionals in securing the data of an organization.


AxCrypt offers a premium encryption software platform for Windows that allows information assurance professionals to keep their organizations’ networks and data private and secure. AxCrypt is one of the highest rated GNU GPL-licensed encryption tools that supports 128-bit AES encryption, protecting against brute force cracking attempts by hackers and cyber criminals, and enabling files to be decrypted while in use and automatically re-encrypted after they have been modified. This is a key resource for information assurance professionals looking to ensure the continual privacy of an organization’s data during daily use by workers within the organization. AxCrypt also provides secure sharing within a protected network, allowing encrypted files to be sent via email between members of an organization.

CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box

The CertainSafe encryption tool provides an efficient, fully cloud-based software that mitigates cybersecurity risks while also complying with industry regulations. As more organizations take advantage of cloud-based storage to back up their servers and company data, CertainSafe is vital for information assurance professionals in order to meet the cloud-based security needs of their organization. Customer, employee and company information can be stored securely without exposing files to outside parties who may threaten to steal this private information. Like other encryption tools, CertainSafe equips business databases and applications with security measures that are entirely automated, assisting information assurance professionals in their mission to remain compliant with government standards and regulations.


VeraCrypt offers a premium encryption software that adds encrypted passwords to data and partitions and supports AES, TwoFish and Serpent encryption ciphers. This tool only allows files to be decrypted while utilized by a single user, keeping them encrypted and secure while not in use and lowering the chances of a breach. Another important feature of this encryption software is its immunity to brute force cyber attacks, preventing hackers from decrypting passwords and other sensitive data.


BitLocker is an encryption tool that is primarily used for whole-disk encryption but still supports the encryption of other volumes of files, as well as virtual drives. This tool is built into Windows operating systems, providing military-grade 128 & 256-bit AES encryption and utilizing multiple authentication mechanisms, such as traditional passwords, PINs, a USB key and the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology. As companies across the world increasingly allow employees to work remotely, information assurance professionals work to mitigate security risks associated with accessing critical company data from multiple devices across a number of locations. The BitLocker Drive Encryption feature addresses this concern by automatically encrypting new files and activating full-volume encryption of entire drives so that user data and personal information are safeguarded in the event that a PC is stolen or lost. BitLocker also benefits organizations whose computers and information systems have already been compromised and are in need of protection from further breaches.

Folder Lock

This encryption tool has a wide range of features, including the ability to encrypt and store files, free space shredding, self-decrypting files, and secure online backup. With the proper login credentials, users can lock and unlock folders, files, and drives; there is also a Hack Security setting, which shuts down the system after login has been unsuccessfully attempted three times. Folder Lock is an excellent option for protecting devices that store critical data, such as company servers, mobile devices used by employees, and connected devices storing sensitive company account information. Additionally, since information assurance professionals are often responsible for safely disposing of old or outdated company data, this tool encrypts and virtually shreds data, keeping company information safe during its entire life cycle. Extra security features of the software include the ability to set decoy passwords, log unauthorized login attempts, back up all passwords, receive notifications about potential brute force attacks and employ hacker deterrents.

InterCrypto CryptoExpert8

CryptoExpert8 is a powerful encryption tool that creates encrypted storage locations, also known as vaults, where secure data can be kept and protected from any potential breaches; it also secures vaults of unlimited size, which is a versatile trait beneficial to bigger businesses looking to secure large volumes of information. CryptoExpert8 boasts fast operation and the ability to back up a multitude of different files, such as certificates, multimedia files, and email databases. Employing some of the most highly effective and industry-renowned encryption algorithms, such as Blowfish, Cast, 3DES, and AES-256, information assurance professionals use this expert-level software for managing financial information, passwords and other sensitive company data.

InterCrypto Advanced Encryption Package

Compared to other encryption software resources, the Advanced Encryption Package by InterCrypto provides the widest range of features available. The tool offers seventeen encryption algorithms; Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) capabilities; secure deletion of files and sensitive data; command-line operation and a password generator. Offering eighteen methods of secure deletion—some of which are government standard as defined by the U.S. Department of Defense and NATO—information assurance professionals have the ability to wipe all traces of a file from the system. One particularly useful additional feature is the Clipboard Encryptor, which scrambles text to be pasted into an email, keeping it secure during transmission. Also of note is InterCrypto’s ability to generate a public/private key pair for sending confidential files to recipients without exposing passwords and information to hackers or other third-parties.

As cybersecurity risks continue to threaten the information that makes businesses, economies and governments function, special attention must be paid to information security. Cybersecurity professionals must possess an in-depth understanding of an organization’s information structure, as it is their job to ensure secure storage, sharing and deletion of all private data. An advanced degree in information assurance—such as the Master of Science in Cybersecurity degree offered by Norwich University—can help qualified individuals develop the insight needed to make sound cyber security decisions, like selecting the right encryption tools for securing sensitive information.

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