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Top Conferences for Management Professionals

In order to achieve true efficiency in the workplace, business professionals need to have an understanding of the latest business trends, strategies, and innovations. A great way to glean these new concepts is to attend business conferences, where high-level management personnel gather to share their ideas on what it takes to be a productive and efficient manager and leader. Each of the following events provided a valuable opportunity for individuals to further enhance their overall management knowledge and abilities.

Incite Group Brand Marketing Summit

The Incite Group is a team of business and marketing professionals that host several annual conferences every year. 2017’s Incite Group Brand Marketing Summit took place in New York City on October 24-25 and was focused on four areas of business: content and storytelling, personalization and experience, omni-channel integration, and attribution and insights. At the event, attendees had the chance to watch panel discussions and keynote presentations by leading marketing professionals and participated in collaborative discussions and workshops about new marketing practices. The Incite Group Brand Marketing Summit was a valuable opportunity for professionals, marketers, and managers to deepen their understanding of marketing as well as current trends within the industry, helping increase their capabilities in delivering valuable returns on future marketing-based investments in their organizations.

The Thrive Summit

The Thrive Summit, which took place from May 30 – June 1, 2017, was a leadership event in Scottsdale, Arizona that engaged management professionals and other organizational leaders in coaching sessions, educational events, networking opportunities, and forums where they shared their latest ideas for promoting employee well-being within their respective firms. Thrive took a unique approach to management training that incorporated positive themes, such as directly engaging with the staff at every level of the business to drive productivity and overall business performance. The hosts and instructors at 2017’s event gave examples of how attendees can engage with their staff, including guidance on how to work with employees to set goals, how to encourage employees to pursue personal projects within the company’s sphere of influence, and how to provide staff with educational opportunities to help them continually refine their skills. Furthermore, the Thrive Summit’s presenters and key speakers shared practical insight on how to how to use effective human resource management to instill leadership qualities in staff members who are making progress toward management roles.

CEO Space International

CEO Space International is an educational organization that helps management professionals expand their networks and knowledge. CEO Space hosted several forum events throughout 2017, including events in May, August, October, and December. By attending these events, management professionals working in startup companies established businesses, and investment roles sharpened their skills and gained detailed insight into investment and growth strategies, management, and leadership-related skills. The most noteworthy aspect of attending a CEO Space forum is the chance to interact with investors and notable business leaders continuously for nearly an entire week, providing the opportunity to receive intimate insight into the mindsets of executives and investors who fund and manage successful business ventures.

Forbes Women’s Summit

As publisher of one of the premier American business magazines, Forbes also makes it their objective to develop up and coming talent by hosting meetings, conferences, and summit events, like the Forbes Women’s Summit. The 2017 Forbes Women’s Summit was invite-only and was held in New York City in June with more than 300 influencers, leaders, and innovators addressing the topic of Navigating a New Tomorrow. The summit focused on providing insight, encouragement, and direction to women in leadership and management positions by offering key perspectives on how women can lead organizations effectively while also working to achieve their professional goals. A number of celebrated entrepreneurs and management professionals attended, including the CEO of HSNi Mindy Grossman, the president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America Cecile Richards, and a slew of other philanthropists, CEOs, entrepreneurs, educators, and artists. Each of these individuals offered valuable insight to the attendees on how women can achieve success as leaders and business owners. While the conference was invite-only, women in the field can watch highlights from this groundbreaking business conference online to help refine their own management skill sets with the knowledge provided by the veteran business professionals who attended the event.

Small Business Market Expo: The Entrepreneur Experience Conference

The Small Business Market Expo is a community event in Atlanta, Georgia which targets local entrepreneurs and management professionals and the customers they serve. On September 16, 2017, the Expo hosted The Entrepreneur Experience Conference, which focused specifically on developing new entrepreneurial talent. Entrepreneurs building their own businesses had access to resources and assets to aid them in advancing their web presence, building their circles of influence, managing their brand and marketing strategies, and even selecting new products and services to strengthen their businesses. Prospective management professionals had the opportunity to get hands-on education about everything it takes to perform exceptionally as an owner-operator.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week is an international entrepreneurship educational event that encourages host regions to focus on exploring specific concepts related to business growth, employee development, and women in business. While this event began first in the United Kingdom and the U.S., Global Entrepreneurship Week now has events in more than 80 countries and across six continents for one week of November every year. In 2017, Global Entrepreneurship Week was held from November 13-19 and targeted specific techniques, strategies, and concepts that are inherently important to encouraging widespread success in business management. More specifically, each conference held during the week focused on three distinct entrepreneurial programs:

  • The “Cities” program focused on mapping, measuring, and developing startup business ecosystems that provide local entrepreneurs with the resources they need to develop their business ideas, fund their efforts, gather resources, and hire new employees. This program provides cities with jobs and helps to generate wealth within communities.
  • The “Youth” program is designed to encourage young entrepreneurs by connecting them with mentors and investors. This program is important because having adequate mentorship early in a career can be life-changing for an entrepreneur.
  • As female professionals are currently highly sought after in management and entrepreneurial roles, the “Women’s” program aims to enhance the organization, leadership, and management skills of business-minded women across the globe.

All of the aforementioned business conferences allow students, managers, and business leaders to expand their business skills and build their personal and professional networks by interacting with other professionals in related industries. By attending these events, managers and business professionals alike can gain the connections and overall skills needed to achieve success.

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