Why Choose Norwich's Master of Science in Nursing Program?

It was exactly what I was looking for wanting to study nursing education. I was working as a nurse at the bedside for about seven years and I wanted my career to start taking a different path. I wanted to start working with students and start engaging them and Norwich provided the classes that I needed to be able to do that successfully. They provided me with a lot of classes on engaging students, learning how to teach, learning how students learn, and so that mechanism and those classes really helped fuel my career forward and provide me the skills I needed to be successful in my job.

The fact that the organization that I work for had a partnership with Norwich University did help play into my decision to come here, because it allowed me to get a little bit of a discount on tuition and that sort of thing. And there was already an agreement in place with the hospital that I work with, so I didn’t have to go and have that forms signed and explain a lot to them, because there was already an agreement in place and everything was all sort of hashed out and ready for me just to sign up and begin.

The benefit to students whose organization has a partnership with Norwich, I believe it would probably be tuition discount and there would be some sort of continuity between what you’re learning at Norwich and you probably could easily implement that in your organization because there is already that relationship formed for you. So all you really have to do is put the work in and then start making that change, that difference in your organization. One thing that I did notice is when I would do a project for Norwich and I would present it to sort of my manager or boss in the hospital setting, they were really grateful because it was something that they were struggling with and then I kind of went and did sort of the literature review and all this work on it and kind of came up with a potential solution for them, so that was kind of nice to see that and my work could bear fruit in my job.

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