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Civil Engineering

What I found the most valuable about this program was that it really mimicked the real world very well. It doesn’t just push you to be academically on point. It pushes you to be an involved professional. You have to really understand the industry. Our classes wasn’t just about books. It was about how does this apply to the real world.

The concentration I chose was structural engineering so it could help me to qualify to become a structural engineering instructor. The best thing about being a student at Norwich was the flexibility that I could complete my coursework on my time versus in the traditional classroom structure.

As a mother of four and a caregiver to my disabled veteran husband, my time is really stretched thin. So the ability to complete coursework whenever I could, wherever I could was very important to me.

Norwich has gone through get lengths to structure an online program that does not compromise quality. We have experienced professors. We have proven course work. We have industry experience. And they also have an understanding of real life challenges when you’re trying to complete your degree.

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