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Students in the Master of Arts in Military History program examine the role of the military and war throughout history, looking at differing historical interpretations and various types of historical knowledge.

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Vinson-Trammell Act of 1934

Its Impact on Interwar American Shipbuilding and Role in Preparing the American Navy for World War II
Author: James McGrath

During the interwar period, America led the world in disarmament efforts starting in 1922 at the Washington Naval Conference, and later at the 1930 London Naval Conference. In an attempt to encourage other maritime powers to disarm and curtail new construction, the United States consistently maintained ship construction well below that allowed by treaty. By 1933 this resulted in a rapidly aging American fleet, quantitatively and qualitatively inferior to its most likely adversary, Japan. A critical byproduct of this policy was the atrophying of the American shipbuilding industry.