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Students in the Master of Public Administration program examine the principles and practices of organizational leadership and change, strategic planning, ethics, and financial management in the context of public sector operations.

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Education in the United States; Public, Charter, Magnet Which System is Best

Author: Roderic Keller

School difference does it exist between Public, Charter, and Magnet? If so, which one is best suited for teaching and graduating our students as they enter the global workforce. “Is your student prepared for life”? This article appeared in the New York Times written by Ben Carpenter on August 31, 2014. The nation continues to struggle with education as it pertains to public, charter, and magnet school systems”. Education at the very least should help with the development of the student's personality and prepare them for socialization into the workforce market. Since the 1980s, the nation has struggled with how better to prepare our students in the education arena, as it relates to secondary education to work and secondary education to post-secondary education. Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) an organization that test students worldwide every three years, in areas of math, reading and science found the United States lagging behind thirty countries in those areas of study (DeSilver, 2015). How will the lack of competitive education affect the United States Economy? An area of concern is minority students (African-American, Hispanics) and the educational systems ability to incorporate these minorities into being a productive mainstay piece of economic society, benefiting themselves and the United States economy. Accountability is at the heart of this dilemma concerning any school system whether that is public, charter, or magnet.