The Father of American Special Operations' (Major Robert Rogers) on Leadership and Management

  • Thursday, February 9, 2012
  • 11:35 AM EST
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Studying the leaders of the past can help us become better leaders for the future. Examine how Major Robert Rogers managed, motivated and inspired both subordinates and superiors alike.

Topics Covered:

Maj. Robert Rogers' career offers an ideal case study in leadership and management.

An examination of how Rogers both advanced his career and served the British crown gives today's professionals lessons learned on leading, managing, motivating, and inspiring subordinates and superiors alike.

Rogers embraced five (5) key principles that every leader and manager should adopt as their own.

His "fall from grace" offers a cautionary tale of which today's leaders and managers should be aware.

  • Who Was Major Robert Rogers, "The Father of American Special Operations"?
  • Principle 1: Master Your Craft
  • Principle 2: Surround Yourself with Only the Best Subordinates
  • Principle 3: Create and Feed Esprit de Corps
  • Principle 4: Reject the "One Strike and You're Out" Mentality
  • Principle 5: Reward Your People Generously and Often
  • The Cautionary Tale
John Grenier, PhD
Don Hartman, JD, LLM
Former Program Director, Master of Science in Organizational Leadership
Categories: Leadership