Intermediate Foundations - A Very Smart Option

  • Wednesday, January 23, 2013
  • 1:00 PM EST
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In this civil engineering webinar, explore the different types of intermediate foundation systems and how LEED credits can be earned for a project.

Presenter Timothy Tyler, PhD, PE, uses a case study approach to discuss how the foundation systems are constructed. He then explains how to determine the best foundation for a project, including the cost and LEED implications.

Topics Covered:

  • An introduction into intermediate foundations
  • Intermediate foundations as a technological advance in foundation design/construction
  • The cost savings of intermediate foundations
  • How intermediate foundations can help you earn LEED credit

In addition you will learn about:

  • The Master of Civil Engineering online program
  • Norwich University and its legacy
  • Financial Aid Information and Military Benefits
  • How to apply and how to receive an application fee waiver (applies to new applicants)
Timothy Tyler, PhD
Instructor, Master of Civil Engineering
Categories: Civil Engineering