What Can We Learn About Leadership from Professional Sports?

  • Wednesday, February 1, 2012
  • 1:00 PM EST
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Sports present a unique opportunity to observe leaders in several key roles - the owner as the CEO, the coach or manager, and the team leader, such as the quarterback. Listen to explore these roles and what lessons they have to offer.

Topics Covered:

A. Lessons from Owners:

  1. Judging talent - making good hiring decisions
  2. Delegation - knowing when not to meddle.

B. Lessons from coaches:

  1. Patience - working for the long term with player development;
  2. Motivation - inspiring players that have less a stake in wins than in large contracts based on individual performance;
  3. Performance enhancement - knowing how and when to critique and praise;
  4. Handling pressure - harnessing emotions and maintaining focus.

C. Lessons from players:

  1. Teamwork - accepting one's role; "knowing your job and doing it"
  2. Individual motivation - staying focused when others do poorly;
  3. Professionalism - consistency, productivity and off-field conduct;
  4. Communications - staying positive, keeping issues "boxed."
Donal Hartman, JD, LLM
Former Program Director, Master of Public Administration
Kevin Cardinal
MBA Alumnus
Categories: Public Administration