Skills and Personality Assessments

Here are resources to help you identify your skills, interests, personality, and values. Using the information you’ve discovered about yourself as part of your career strategy, this will help you to better understand yourself which will help you make better career-related decisions.

All the resources listed below offer free tests. (Some of the sites also offer additional tests and services for a fee. We do not endorse any particular fee-based service.)

Skills Assessment Test

Helps you identify what skills you currently possess and enjoy using. This may also help define other areas where you may need to build your skill set.

  • is sponsored by the U. S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.
  • Click on “mySkillsmyFuture” to match your skills to new careers.
  • Click on “Explore Careers” to answer questions about the type of work you might enjoy. They’ll suggest careers that match your interests and training.
  • Click on Veterans Re-Employment to match your military skills and experience to civilian jobs.

Personality Assessment Test

Helps you to better understand yourself and how you relate to people, process information, make decisions, and function in your daily life. This information helps you see how your personality traits affect you in your workplace. These traits are who you are as a person. Knowing yourself better, only better prepares you with interviews, in expressing you’re strengths, and how well you will fit into a particular employer culture.

The Jung Typology Test is based on Karl Jung’s concepts of personality types, as is the Myers-Briggs Type inventory (MBTI). Like the MBTI, this test will give you a four-letter personality type and an explanation. For a more complete description of your four-letter type, go to: Type profiles.

Online Job Search

We all know that applying for jobs online is the norm, but how do you get noticed when there can be upwards of 250 applicants for every position? You can start by watching this Willamette University video on job search strategy. Remember, it is all about differentiating yourself and creating a brand!