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Before you build your resume, read these guides:

Transferable skills will transfer to most of the situations in which you will find yourself throughout your life and career. These skills will pay rich dividends in the long run because the content you learn in formal classes goes out‐of‐date very quickly these days, whereas skills are something you build upon and enhance every day.

Printed resume, scannable resume, plain-text resume, electronic resume? What’s the difference? Do I need all of them? What about the technical stuff? What about privacy? Get all the answers at Riley Guide.

Employers are now using applicant tracking systems (ATS) that scan your resume/cover letter for key words and phrases. Before you send your resume off, cut and paste the position description/requirements into a tag crowd. Then naturally weave the big bolded words into your resume, but only if you have that skill.

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Federal resumes

Cover letters and references

  • Cover Letter (pdf) includes general information, format and content information, hints on reading and using the job description to write your cover letter, as well as a sample letter.
  • Reference Sheets (pdf) is a simple how-to guide with advice on whom you should consider for professional references.