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Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

Evergreen Skills for a Changeable Job Market

The past decade has witnessed tremendous change in the working world, both in terms of how organizations operate and what roles and responsibilities need to be filled. As technology continues to fuel these changes, employers increasingly value workers with strong foundational skills who can learn and adapt on the job over those with specialized skills in a particular industry.

In a survey commissioned by The Chronicle of Higher Education and American Public Media’s Marketplace, most employers said that recently hired college graduates had the right technical know-how but fell short in basic areas such as written and oral communication, analytical and research skills, and decision-making. This opinion was echoed in another study conducted by Global Strategy Group, which found that young professionals are lacking in the skills most prioritized by business leaders: critical thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, and communication. In short, today’s employers care more about how well their employees think and communicate than how much they know.

Career Outcomes

Norwich’s Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies program focuses on developing the kind of evergreen skills that today’s employers covet. Because students can customize their degree track with several different concentrations, the kinds of organizations and jobs that graduates can pursue vary greatly. Working adults can use the program as a pathway to promotion in their current organization, as a means of entry into a new job or sector, or as the foundation for earning a master’s degree.

Examples of Career Paths

  • Data analyst
  • Executive assistant
  • Human resources specialist
  • Military officer
  • Production manager
  • Program coordinator
  • Project manager
  • Training and development specialist

Types of Employers

  • Consulting and research firms
  • Educational institutions and museums
  • Government agencies and contractors
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Retail companies
  • U.S. military