Iraqi Police Training Project

  • 2012

Iraqi Police Training Project

Utilization of the Training Assessment Process & Jordan Model of Training for Furtherance of Regional Security
Benjamin Roberts

The Iraqi Police Training Project (IPTP) was an example undertaking for the US Department of State Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL). 

The IPTP utilizes and highlights the strengths of a cutting-edge training oversight process known as the Training Assessment Process (TAP) coupled with a proven security training methodology referred to as the Jordan Model of Training (JMT). The strengths of TAP are gained from its systematic application of the discipline of project management to security training. Specifically TAP provides the customized utilization of project management knowledge areas and process groups. The end result is a training program that finally meets the requirement of being quantifiable and objectively measurable.

The overall intent of the IPTP, and its customized processes, is to provide an example of how an economical, operationally feasible, and fundamentally accurate training program for international security forces can be achieved.