Effective Performance in the Global Marketplace:

  • 2012

Effective Performance in the Global Marketplace:

Acculturation in International Organizations and Work-Related Well-Being
Margaret Palmeter

This purpose of this research paper is to conduct a study on the influence of multicultural training on general expatriate acculturation in Canada and associated work-related well-being. The study is designed with the intention of discovering the most popular acculturation orientation of a variable home nation population in a Canadian host culture.

The study also seeks to establish a link between acculturation orientations and work-related well-being. The effect of acculturation on expatriate well-being is important because it indicates the more desirable goal for multicultural and cross-cultural training programs. The study results in data indicating that multicultural/cross-cultural training positively influences acculturation orientation and well-being.

On the basis of the study results, this paper also makes recommendations regarding organizational policies and programs to manage acculturation. The process of acculturation can be facilitated by training programs that accelerate the transitional periods of acculturation so that the expatriate is able to reach an optimal orientation more quickly.