The Need for Effective Leadership

  • 2012

The Need for Effective Leadership

Wesley Roman

Leaders, managers, and supervisors have an important role in their organizations to utilize effective leadership skills and practices to ensure organizational success. The paper addresses both the negative impact a weak manager has on their employees and organization, and the benefits and value of an effective leader.

The paper examines the offensive leader, the micromanager, the authoritarian, the people pleaser, and the out-of-sight, out-of-mind manager. Even though these leaders demonstrate different qualities and characteristics, their actions are similarly unhelpful in the creation of a healthy and productive work environment. The traits these managers portray are harmful to both the employees and organization as they hinder growth, initiative, innovation, and collaboration. 

For an organization to be successful both managers and employees need to complement one another. To establish this type of organization leaders need to understand effective leadership.