Accolades A Collection of Student Scholarship

Glenn Deen

Glenn Deen works on Internet Technology and Content Networking & Distribution at Comcast-NBC Universal where he is an Advanced Technology Engineer and Director of Networking and Distribution Technologies. Glenn is first and foremost a computer scientist and holds 14 US Patents in networking, security, applied cryptography, and distributed systems, and brings with him several decades of industry experience at companies including BP, IBM,  IBM Research, and his latest position at Comcast-NBCUniversal. If you use a digital camera, watch movies, or play computer games, then chances are very good that you use technology that glenn helped create. 

Today, instead of his office in Los Angeles, you are most likely to find Glenn where fellow Internet technologists and policy experts gather to build a better Internet such as the IETF, W3C, ICANN, IGF, ISOC, M3AAWG, and industry alliances such as the Streaming Video Alliance. Glenn works to drive new technology invention, and responsible adoption of the new abilities such technology brings.