Accolades A Collection of Student Scholarship

Norma Mann

Norma Mann, MSN, FNP-BC  is the Coordinator of the Nurse Practitioner program at Norwich. She also functions as the Track Coordinator for the FNP program. Professionally, Norma is student oriented and looks to find methods to ensure success as well as competence as new Nurse Practitioners.  When starting with Norwich as a Course Developer, she became very interested in the development of this new adventure for Norwich University. When they were looking for someone to lead the development and start of this initiative, she was happy to be hired to fill that role! 

Norma has 25 years’ experience as a Nurse Practitioner in a variety of specialties. Most of her experience centers around Family Practice so she is well positioned to lead this initiative.  Additionally, she has 17 years of graduate level teaching in a variety of Nurse Practitioner courses and has been in a coordinator position at other Universities.  

Norma enjoys cooking and being a foodie!  She has 5 grandchildren that keep her busy with their activities and helping her adult children.